Granite State Quilting

We Care About Your Hard Work!

Formula to convert inch to sq inch

Find the sq inches of your quilt:

  1. Measure the width ________ x length _________ = ________ sq inches

  2. Example: If your quilt is 60" x 80", the total is 4800 sq inches 


Long Arm Quilting Pricing:


Edge to Edge quilting: $0.02 per sq inch.

Edge to Edge meets Semi Custom quilting: $0.03 per sq inch.

-You pick your border design, corner design and edge to edge fill design.

Full Custom Quilting:

-There are a lot of choices to be made and we want you to be inspired and amazed by what you have created. Please call Tammy at (860) 463-3684 for a quote.

Thread charge:

-$5.00 fee for first non specialty thread.

-$2.00 fee for each additional color change.

-Variegated colors price will vary on selection.

-$1.00 1st bobbin charge and $0.50 each additional bobbin used.


Other Services:

Binding Prep:

-Allow us to prepare you binding for you to sew to your quilt.

-Allow us to apply the binding to the front of your quilt for you to finish later.

-$0.10 per linear inch.

-Have us iron your top flat at $5.00 per top.

When you prep your quilt for quilting: We recommend

-Iron the top flat.

-Have your backing sized 3" larger than your top on all 4 sides.

-Your batting should also be sized 3" larger than your Top on all 4 sides.

“Additional charges can occur if we have to take the time to prep your quilt”

(We offer the batting of your choice at  20% off the retail price)

Note: Please let us know if you want your scrap fabric back with your quilt or we accept your scrap fabrics and use them to create quilts for charities in need throughout the year.