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We Care About Your Hard Work!

About Us

Granite State quilt company always looks forward to helping you finish your quilts.  We care very deeply about the hard work you put into your quilts to make them so beautiful!  Please never hesitate to give a call or email with any questions you may have about what we offer you.

Personal Note

Hello,  I  want  to  introduce  myself.  My  name  is  Tammy  Nadeau  and  I  am the  proud  owner  of  Granite State  Quilt Company. 


 I  started  sewing  when  I  was  13  years  old  in  my  home  economics  class at  school.  My  teacher  told us  to  pick  out  a pattern  for  something  easy  to  sew.  I selected  a  vest  pattern.  I  remember  picking  it out  because  of  all  the  pretty bright colors  on  the  front  of  the  pattern.  I  made  the  vest  with  only  one hitch,  I wanted  the  front  of  it  to  have  a  variety  of different  colors  like  the  picture.  My teacher  was  a great  lady  and  was  more  than  happy  to  show  me  how  to  sew the fabric  together  before  cutting  out  the  front  of  the  pattern.  It  turned  out pretty  good!  It  was  just  a  bit  too  bright  to wear  to  school.  Little  did  I  realize then,  I  was  quilting.


 Fast  forward  to  about  10  years  later,  I  had  continued  making  many garments.  I  made  everything from what  I  was wearing,  to  a  maid  of  honor dress  for  someone  else,  and  being  in  the  medical  profession  -  to  making medical  scrubs.  I was  successful  at  this  and  ended  up  having  a  small  medical scrub  sewing  business. 


Even  though  I  was  creating  things  with  sewing,  it  was  just  not  as enjoyable  as  I  thought  it  would be.  When  I  was  26 years  old  I  remember thinking  "how  hard  can  it  be  to  sew  4"  blocks  together?"    I started  making  my  daughter  a  quilt out of  4"  squares.  Let  me  tell  you  how  that didn't  work  out  too well.  I  learned  there  is  a  lot  more  to  it  all.  My  seams were every  where  but  where  they  were suppose  to  be.  That’s  when  I  realized  that  I really  wanted  to  make  a  quilt  and I was  going  to  figure out  how.  I  learned  very quickly  that  it  was  all  about  the  1/4".  Presently,  I  truly  enjoy  working  on quilts  of  my  own  and  on  someone  else's.  I get  such  a  wonderful  feeling  when  I  help  someone  to complete  their  quilt.  I relish  the  look  of  joy  when  they  see  it  all  finished  and  quilted.  I  love  the  art of quilting.  I  love  it  so  much  that  I decided  to  change  my  career  of  30  years  in the  medical profession  and  am  now  opening  my  own  quilting  business, Granite  State  Quilt  Company.    


I’m  so  excited  and  feel  very  blessed  that  I  have  the  ability  to  make  this career  change  to  something that  gives  me  such great  pleasure.  It’s  great  to  be a  part  of  something  so  beautiful  where  I  am surrounded  by  many  wonderful people.  I hope  you  will  be  a  part  of  my  journey  and  that  you  find your  passion as  well.